Game Jams

Game Jams are meetings of game developers ready to plan, design, and create one or more games within a short period of time (usually 48 hours).
Among the most famous jams, there is the Indie Speed Run.
It is a yearly contest for videogame developers, in which every team receives two keywords (a theme and an element) to be used as inspiration for the creation of a game in 48 hours. Another successful jam is Indie vs Pewdiepie, promoted by the famous Youtuber PewDiePie.


Never use drugs. Get the same feeling by playing this game in safety!

Get lost in a wonderful trip by shooting and dodging strange enemies.
Everything is set into an hallucinated scenario that will drive you crazy.

You will have a limited period of time to end the game so brace yourself and keep trying... it won't be easy! It will be a hell of a Tripp-ah!?



Carnado is a sandbox game about towing cars and funny physics.

Tow cars and make stunts to be promoted and win the game!

Don't make your boss angry!


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Strings è un platform game sviluppato con Unity3D per l'Indie Speed Run 2012, con le parole-chiave Loss (perdita, come tema) e Ukulele (come elemento).

Descrizione: sei il più famoso e amato ukulele dell'isola, ma una pianola cattiva e invidiosa ti ha rubato le corde. La tua missione è sconfiggere lui e i suoi servi per riprenderti le corde.

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Idol Hunter

Idol Hunter is a puzzle-adventure game developed with Unity3D for the Indie SpeedRun 2012, with the keywords Idolatry (as theme) and Booby trap (as element).

Description: as treasure hunter, your mission is to find and steal a precious idol representing the god Gokaliathus, placed in a mayan temple. You have only 10 minutes to reach the idol before the cultists return from their rituals of sacrifice. Warning: the temple is full of traps ready to kill you!


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Phin's solution

Phin's Solution is a platform game developed with Unity3D for the Indie SpeedRun 2013, with the keywords Building (as theme) and Rope Swing (as element).

Description: Phin is a depressed boy. Help him build a ladder to reach the Moon and escape reality.

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